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We are now collecting Advance Passenger Information

On 2nd April 2024, it has become mandatory for Eurostar to collect Advance Passenger Information for all passengers travelling to/from London. This follows UK Government guidelines in line with the airline industry.


Below, please see a summary on how Advance Passenger Information can be collected via each of our booking tools.




Agents can add Advance Passenger Information in Voyager via the “edit passenger details” section. From 2nd April 2024, it will only be possible to generate tickets in Voyager if the Advance Passenger Information has been captured either via Voyager or via Manage Your Booking.




Passengers or agents are required to enter Advance Passenger Information to collect tickets from Manage Your Booking or via the Eurostar app.

For agents, there will be no change to the GDS Air booking process from 2nd April 2024.


Partners API


Partners connected to our API will need to make the necessary developments to capture advance passenger information from 2nd April 2024. This will allow for redirection after payment to a dedicated page on the partners website where passengers can submit their information to access tickets. Full details have been documented in the Partners API documentation.


All partners may investigate using this method if they are not already a Partners API user.


Partners unable to make these developments may redirect customers to Eurostar.com to submit this information using Manage Your Booking.





Two solutions will be available for partners selling Eurostar via PAO:


  1. Customers will receive a PDF booking confirmation by e-mail after booking on the partners platform. The PDF will provide instructions on entering Advance Passenger Information via Manage Your Booking on Eurostar.com, and prompt customers to do so to collect their tickets. This will be in place from 2nd April 2024.
  2. As above, partners can integrate a direct connection to our Partners API for customers to submit Advance Passenger Information directly via a dedicated landing page on their own platform, before accessing their tickets.