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Amsterdam cross-Channel terminal: decision on temporary closure

*updated on 24th January 2024

It was confirmed on Friday 24th November that the cross-Channel terminal in Amsterdam will be temporarily closed this year while extensive works in Amsterdam Centraal Station are carried out.


These works include the creation of a new and much larger cross-Channel terminal for our services between London and Amsterdam. These important plans will ensure an enhanced experience for our customers in the future and the opportunity to grow our Dutch routes.


We have worked tirelessly with the Dutch government and our partners at NS and ProRail to find a solution that would have the least possible impact on our  customers and partners and maintain sustainable connections between the UK and the Netherlands.


Eight daily connecting services from Amsterdam-London


We’re pleased to confirm that during this six-month period, starting on 15th June 2024, we’ll operate:



  • Three daily direct services from London to Rotterdam/Amsterdam (compared with the four currently offered).
  • Up to eight daily connecting services from Amsterdam/Rotterdam to London via Brussels, with a connection time of between 48 minutes and 1h48.
  • Thanks to these connecting services, we’ll also able to add extra capacity on our Amsterdam/Brussels-Paris route.


Since UK-bound customers will undergo security and passport checks in Brussels rather than Amsterdam, the overall journey time from Amsterdam to London will only increase slightly compared with today’s direct service. We know that these checks can be carried out within the 48-minute connection time because this was the case when we ran the previous connecting service in 2019


Larger cross-Channel terminal will help us unlock potential of this route


It’s important to stress that this closure only concerns a transitional six-month period as we move from our very constrained cross-Channel terminal in Amsterdam to a much larger one.


The increased capacity of the new cross-Channel terminal will help us meet the demand for high-speed rail travel between London and the Netherlands and boost connections with other services in the Netherlands, in addition to offering a transformed and improved experience for our passengers.


We look forward to sharing more with you about our new terminal over the coming months.