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New fleet and 2023 financial results

We are pleased to share some important news regarding our future fleet and our latest financial results.


Following strong financial results in 2023 we are now preparing to invest in up to 50 new trains as we look to the future of Eurostar.


A new fleet


As demand for sustainable travel continues to grow, this milestone investment will ensure there is enough capacity to encompass the 30 million annual passengers we expect by 2030 and for future growth.


The new fleet will eventually operate alongside our current fleet of 17 e320s, providing a total fleet of up to 67 trains (a 30% increase compared to the 51 trains operating today). While the detailed design elements are to be confirmed, the new trains will set the standards for customer experience and comfort. Our aim is for the first new trains to be in service from the early 2030s.


The design process will centre around sustainability and draw from the expertise of both Eurostar staff and customers. The new fleet will be required to have improved energy consumption versus the current fleet.


2023 Financial results


2023 was a successful year for Eurostar Group. We can report that we exceeded €2 billion revenue for the first time and achieved EBITDA of €423m. This success was due to a ramp up of operations from 2022 to 2023, and overall growth in passenger numbers reaching nearly 19 million. This strong performance in 2023 means we can now confidently invest in this future fleet.


30 years of Eurostar


Our CEO, Gwendoline Cazenave, summarises our objectives as we approach Eurostar’s 30th anniversary:


  • We’ve set ambitious targets to reach 30 million passengers by 2030 and become the backbone of sustainable travel in Europe.
  • Investing in up to 50 new trains will allow us to meet the growing demand for our services with increased capacity.
  • We are curating the unique Eurostar experience centred around our customers and going above and beyond to provide comfort, accessibility and sustainability.


We will continue to build on these successes and strive towards a bold future for Eurostar.