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We are proud to present our new sustainability report, which details the sustainability strategy for our new Eurostar brand.  

This action plan focuses on three main areas, as detailed below:  

  • Reducing our impact by sourcing renewable energy to run our trains, and reducing our energy requirements.  


  • Integrating the circular model throughout our value chain, i.e. from production of our products to the end of their life-cycle, to minimise waste and use resources more efficiently. For example, the food and drink we serve on-board is carefully selected based on sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly options. These efforts have been recognised in 2023, with Eurostar receiving three stars at the Food Made Good Awards for our on-board catering offer. 


  • Encouraging passengers to choose Eurostar as a low carbon-emitting form of transport, by continuing to develop ‘open hubs’ which connect our services to national networks or long-haul flights. For example, through our air-rail partnership with KLM.    

 30 million passengers and 100% renewable energy by 2030   


By 2030, Eurostar’s ambition is to become the backbone of sustainable travel in Europe. We want to carry 30 million passengers a year whilst being the lowest emitting form of international travel by powering our trains with 100% renewable energy.  


With this in mind, Eurostar recently joined the RE100 alliance of companies committed to sourcing 100% of their energy from renewable sources. A step in the right direction given that the transport sector is responsible for 25% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, and that high-speed rail is a sustainable alternative to help tackle this problem.   


We are also the first rail company to join this alliance, and we’ll be able to draw on this global network of 400 companies to help us achieve our sustainability goals.  


In the Netherlands, Eurostar trains have already been running on 100% wind power since 2017, and this figure will rise to 40% in the UK from 2023. In Belgium, we have signed a partnership agreement with Infrabel, the Belgian rail network operator, to explore the possibility of installing solar panels to help power our trains on the Belgian high-speed line. 



Towards greater diversity and inclusion


Alongside our environmental ambitions, Eurostar is also committed to putting customers first, with a particular focus on our employees to ensure this success.    


Respect for the environment and practices aimed at greater diversity and inclusion are part of Eurostar’s new DNA, and we look forward to showing you future developments in our CSR policy.  



The full sustainability report can be found at: https://www.eurostar.com/uk-en/sustainability