Discover Eurostar for Business

All the information clients require regarding our Eurostar for Business, our portal for fast, flexible, and sustainable business travel.

 Register for free

Register for free

Clients can register their company, via their work email address.

Once registered, account admins can book travel on behalf of their colleagues and employees. Or invite them to join and manage their own bookings.

(Unfortunately, clients cannot currently invite colleagues or employees to join the portal. We are working to ensure this feature is available as soon as possible.)

A single dashboard shows all bookings in one place, making it easy to track budgets or make changes to existing bookings.

Please note that if you are a travel agency or travel management company, you can register on behalf of the company.

Earn exclusive rewards and great benefits

Earn exclusive rewards and great benefits

For every 15 bookings a company makes, Eurostar offers free upgrades or tickets for the next booking.

  • – Earn an upgrade to Standard Premier for every 15 return trips in Standard.
  • – Earn an upgrade to Business Premier for every 15 return trips in Standard Premier.
  • – Earn a free Business Premier ticket for every 15 return trips in Business Premier.

Additionally, organisations signed up to the portal will gain access to partner offers and exclusive promotional fares, rewarding them for choosing Eurostar for Business.