GDS Air covers a range of different GDS where corporate TMCs in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States of America can find and book Eurostar (9F) services. In the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands you will need to request ticketing authority for your IATA number.

Now that Eurostar and Thalys have joined forces under the Eurostar name, we’re making some changes to our travel classes. From 4 November, our current classes are becoming Eurostar Standard, Eurostar Plus and Eurostar Premier.

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Request access


To request access please contact Trade Contracts by email:

Request access
  • Minimum threshold per year of £10,000 / €10,000
  • Approximately 120 day booking horizon
  • Public fares (and negotiated corporate fares subject to eligibility)
All Routes now bookable under 9F

Routes between France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany are now bookable under the 9F code on GDS Air.

For a list of stations bookable via GDS Air, please refer to Stations & travel classes codes. Our Channel-crossing and Continental fares are not combinable, see our FAQs for further specifications.


Important information to note:


  • Boarding passes are not sent by e-mail. Passengers will be invited to go to the website or mobile application under the “Manage your Booking” section to download their boarding passes.
  • Our seasonal (Ski and Summer) trains are not bookable via GDS.
GDS Air Taxes and Fees

Gentle reminder to all GDS bookers:

In order to cover the specific costs related to distribution via GDS Air, a segment fee of £5/€6 will be applied (this amount may vary depending on the exchange rate). This will appear separately in the taxes section.

Depending on the route you book, you may include OD tax charge with every change you make to your booking.

See the following “Penalties” tab below for more details.


To consult the penalties charged for cancellations or exchanges, please refer to the after-sales conditions of Eurostar fares.

Booking 9F and ticketing with our interlining partner Hahn Air

Booking from outside of the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA?

Don’t forget it is possible to book Eurostar in your GDS and ticket via our interlining agreement with Hahn Air.

You can still plate on Hahn Air stock in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands if you do not meet the criteria for a 9F (Eurostar – 814) BSP plate (£10 000 / €10 000)


See below our simple “How to book” steps below:

  • Eurostar is displayed on your GDS Air just like an Airline via our own Airline carrier code “9F”.
  • You can check fares and price PNRs just as you would any Airline in your GDS Air.
  • Book “9F” subject to availbility for any of our routes.
  • When ticketing simply plate your ticket on HR/169 – Hahn Air.
  • After booking, the passenger or agent can collect the boarding pass from our website – just go to and click on “Manage your Booking”. You can enter the vendor locator and passenger surname to view the booking and print or download the Eurostar boarding pass.

The following options will be available when Eurostar authorises GDS Air agents to exchange tickets free of charge.

  • Reissues can be completed within the same PNR before departure; simply process a ‘nil value’ exchange with no additional charge.
  • All rebookings will need to be issued within 60 days after the date of travel.
  • If the original booking class is not available, book the next available fare bucket within the same travel class.
  • If you wish to rebook at a later date you will need to apply for a refund of the original booking via BSP link.
  • When completing the refund application, please state the reason (example: cancellation / weather conditions / strike) in the notes box and also include the 9F PNR otherwise your application will be rejected.

Please do NOT claim an e-voucher on behalf of the passenger, as e-vouchers are not compatible with GDS Air systems.

See the disruption guide in our useful documents for more details.

Stations and classes of travel codes

This document contains all the codes for the stations served by Eurostar as well as the codes applicable to all our classes of service.

GDS Air Helpdesk

The GDS Air Technical Helpdesk investigates sales issues on Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport.


For any technical queries, please send us the following by email at :

  • Vendor Locator / Booking Reference.
  • Date & time of travel.
  • Details of the technical problem, including GDS / web snapshots if required.

Our working hours are 08:00 to 17:00 (UK Time), Monday to Friday.